NYC Music Marathon & Jack Dallas

presents      Repertoire 2022

www.TheatreRow.Org   / 212 714 2442 x45 –

410 West 42nd St. NYC, NY  10036 

Sept 20 - Sept 25, 2022, 7 pm nights, 2 pm Sun


For immediate release: Contact Jack Dallas at  or 551 228 9455


The NYC Music Marathon and composer Jack Dallas in conjunction with Theatre Row are presenting a series of musicals for a 1 week only run on West 42nd St.  Tuesday Sept 20, 2022 running thru Sunday Sept 25, all shows start at 7 pm and Sunday matinees at 2 pm. Tickets are available thru or 212 714 2442 x 45


1756 – Making America, a love story, a Heroine and Hero must defeat Indian and French warriors to survive. Ben Franklin supplies lyrics. Jack Dallas scribed the story and songs (95 minutes)


Jessica’s Smile & Factor Tats, Jack Dallas.  Zack & Davis Music Comedy Mavens preside, Sci Fi resides in the past and present. A wedding is requested, after mucho problem quests block the romantic union. (60 minutes, & 25 minutes)


Ransom Ring is a Scottish cottage tale of an unlikely love triangle .

Mermaids, milkmaids, Fisher Lad and Neptune appear. (45 minutes)


The Country Doctor recounts Russ Tether as his life enfolds saving patient’s lives in mid 1900s. Fever, Fatigue and Fastness to integrity is displayed. (85 minutes) 


 Jack Dallas is a Northern Valley Demarest Norseman and Upsala College Viking alum. Dallas is an Exempt Fire Fighter and Life member EMT. He was a Musical Director for several churches.  Dallas has served as a Teacher of the Blind for many years. In his early post college years, he was an “on the road” musician.


NYC Music Marathon & Jack Dallas presents Repertoire 2022

Musical Comedies delivered radio style. Join the Musical Marathon Fun!


Repertoire 2022   presented January 2022 @ TheatreRow


Dallas composed “The HighWayMan” and “Miranda” with Richard Petrocy.

                        (5M, 3F, 100 minutes) 1986             (4M, 3F, 95 minutes) 1989


 Copper Kettle” the Frank & Tom Beddoe folk opera, Dallas musically edited.

(8M, 5F, 105 minutes) ( ) 1992, 1953


 Jen – X” (3M, 2F, 100 minutes) With David Beddoe

Bards Jack Zack and Craig A. Davis guide Lost Lovers. 1998


”Humor, Babes, Wisdom, Brevity” by Dallas - Firemen, EMTs, Teachers in NYC scramble to emergencies and romance. Bards Jack Zack and Bruce Excuse Davis musicalize. (3M, 3F, 100 minutes) 2003


”Jessica’s Smile” & “Factor Tats” 2 Sci Fi love stories … Bards Zack and

Davis return to musical heaven. (2M, 3F, 60 minutes, 25 minutes) 2021


Ransom Ring” is a Scottish cottage tale with mermaids, milkmaids, Fisher Lad and Neptune. (2M, 2F, 45 minutes) 2007


1756 – Making America”, a Heroine and Hero must defeat Indian and French warriors. Ben Franklin lyrics and Philadelphia stories.

 (2M, 2F, 95 minutes) 2009


”CinderBrat Step Mom and 2 new step sisters won’t sway Cinder Brat from her home made havoc.  Dad tries too. Diana Bullard writes, Jack Dallas music

(1M, 5F 25 minutes) 2007


Trinity” allows the blind, the hearing impaired and the wheelchair bound to join in a Trinity to go to their high school 50th reunion. Socializing prevails.

(3F, 12 minutes) 2009




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