Jack Dallas is a musical comedy writer who has been the defacto "artist in residence" in Alpine, NJ (1998 and 2009-20012), Demarest, NJ (2000/1), and Clifton, NJ (2003/4). Since 2006 he has presented all his repertoire at the NYC Music Marathon at the Dramatists Guild.

Dallas is the composer of "The HighWayMan" and "Miranda" with Richard Petrocy.

Dallas is editor of "Copper Kettle" with David Beddoe, from the Frank and Tom Beddoe folk opera.

Jack Dallas and David Beddoe co-wrote "Jen X" and "H.B.W.B". Both are romantic comedy musicals involving brave women, firefighters and New York City settings.

Dallas wrote the children's musical "Ransom Ring" alone.

With Diana Ballard he wrote the music and lyrics for "CinderBrat".

Making America - 1756 is a four hander involving Ben Franklin, French pirates, marauding Indians and a young romantic couple caught up in a frontier war. David Beddoe co-wrote some of the tunes.

"Trinity" a 10 minute play about 3 disabled 68 year old women who meet in a rehabilitation facility. The trinity of friends rediscover each other in their awkward state. They also discover they can join together, and get to their 50th high school reunion. Blindness, hearingless and non-walking disabilties be damned. The three will achieve as one. There is a party they need to attend.

COPPER KETTLE - A Musical Comedy © from NYC Music Marathon on Vimeo.

1756 - Making America, by Jack Dallas from NYC Music Marathon on Vimeo.